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Decathlon Dates

Decathlon Dates

My husband called me a few months back to ask when we were going to be home from an outing, it wasn’t for a while and his response was, “Cool, I’m going to go hang out at Decathlon.” Let’s break this sentence down a little. HANG OUT. Not, ‘Hey Girl, I am going to go shopping for a little and pick up a few necessary things.” The words were, HANG OUT. And that is pretty much how our life has been since Decathlon opened up down the street last November 2018. 


We were both fearful for our bank account but to be honest, for as much time as we have spent at Decathlon we haven’t been going crazy on the spending. What I have been surprised at thought is how many of our dates have revolved around Decathlon! This includes couples date, kid dates, whole family dates and dates with ourselves. 


We hang out at Decathlon as a family pretty often. It’s a space where we can let the kids play and their curiosity has the freedom to roam - this is so refreshing. A majority of our birthday and Christmas presents have come from there. I have stocked up on super budget birthday presents for classmates so that I have stock on hand. Its also a gateway place for us, as in if our friends haven’t experienced Decathlon yet we bring them here. Oh Manila, who knew sports stores would be so fun and ‘the thing to do’ (at least for us weirdos.)


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As for couples dates, we have spent two of our couples dates at Decathlon in the last month. It’s been a fun place where we can dream about adventures and goals. For us, it cultivates inspiration and motivation. We have already been on more bike rides this year together than we have in the last 3 years combined. Yes, it is only January 13 and you are reading this correctly. 

Decathlon gets a two thumbs to get people motivated and to get outside and that I am a huge fan of. I am not encouraging you to go buy a bunch of unnecessary items, in fact you can just go there and hang out like we do. However, often times we don’t dream in a certain way because we live in a big city or lack specific goals because the equipment isn’t available or even it’s too expensive. Decathlon has been a great place for us to spend time together both in their store and outside in nature as well.

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