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Hatch Open With Hatch PH

Hatch Open With Hatch PH

In this weeks, Manila Has Everythaaaang, we feature an  inclusive therapy center that specializes in sensory play and therapy, Hatch. I have blogged once before about therapy resources in Manila because I believe they aren’t spoken about enough but are just now finally becoming more accessible. I am super excited to share a bit more about Hatch so those families who need this specific support have a new resource. Hallelujah! 



 Hatch was started by a duo of Filipina entrepreneurs who saw a need and created an inclusive play and therapy center for both typically developing children and those with special needs. Hatch is one of the only sensory play place in Manila that is open to both typically developing and those with special needs. Why is this a big deal? Many families value integration and want their child to be exposed to children with varied abilities, this is an ideal setting for that exposure. It has also created a space for the whole family to be a part of the therapy and play. When my youngest would come with me to his older brothers therapy he was never allowed to play (except for the last 5 minutes on occasion) and always desperately wanted to. Hatch is a play center that allows natural social situations to create themselves because it is a safe place for so many with sensory needs. Imagine a child on the autism spectrum that finally gets to have a playdate in a play area that caters to their abilities? A world could be unlocked! 


The facilities are brand new as they opened doors in Podium Mall Ortigas last May 2019. Hatch was designed with the support of a team of occupational, speech and physical therapists. The space is not overstimulating as wall decor, sound and lighting are thoughtfully designed to best support children with sensitivities. The play and sensory equipment is deliberate and perfect for sensory seeking children. My son LOVED the free access to swings, slides and rock climbing that he used to only be allowed to use with specific structure and exercise. It really is a heaven for kids with vestibular needs! 


 The playful space at Hatch isn’t just about play, it’s also therapeutic and skill development based. While there is an open space for play, Hatch also has one to one therapy rooms. The staff at Hatch was meticulously sought after and deliberately hired to ensure they offer top notch therapy services from the best providers. 


Hatch offers a wide range of therapy services. They have the usual line up of Occupational therapy, Physical and Speech therapy but also offer specialized therapy like feeding therapy, handwriting therapy, social thinking therapy.  


Hatch was very thoughtful in their mall location placement. Because Hatch is located in a mall they can really do “applied or pragmatic socialization classes”, meaning taking social skills kids learn in therapy and going out to the mall to apply the skills. So there’s “generalization” of these skills. 

 You can read more about the services they offer and the qualified team of therapists here. 


Manila, you continue to get better. I am grateful to the determined Filipina entrepreneurs who without fail see a need, build a dream and make Manila a better place! Because of the determination of Team Hatch they just made Manila a more inclusive city. Go Team Hatch! 

 Kita Kita,



Level 4, The Podium (1.95 mi)
Mandaluyong 1550

0928 506 7821

Hours 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Mabuhay Empowering Perspectives!

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