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A Few Favorite Things: Bites & Textiles

A Few Favorite Things: Bites & Textiles

Manila, I love you baby girl! You have everything I want (and more!) right here. This week here are a few food and beverage related items and of course, textiles. Happy Friday Titas! 

Baker On East|

I am super impressed by Filipino entrepreneurs who use their skills and passion to follow a dream. I swear every Filipino has a 'passion project' even if it is a sari-sari or an online store. Chino is a lovely friend I was able to meet because of this here blog. He was a mastermind at YummyPH for a few years and has since set out on his own to follow his culinary dreams, Baker On East. I was lucky enough to receive some of these goodies and am happy to share that I may not be a kitchen wizard but I am someone who loves food very much, that counts for something, right?


excellent design and packaging


gluten free chocolate cake


banana shortbread


 carrot cake with dried pineapples and honey cream cheese frosting

Eco Heroes|

Another friend, another Filipina entrepreneur. Celine of has been advocating for Mother Nature through her blog and other endeavors for years. If you are a nature lover definitely check her site out. Her new venture is Ecoheroes, sells stainless straws and collapsable coffee cups so that we can all be eco heroes! 

eco straws

photos via ecorheroes fb

eco straw bags

even the bags for the straws are made from fabric scraps

Abel Philippines|

One step closer to becoming Foreignay is having a suki for inabel and I am pleased to say, I got a good one! Abel Philippines is consistently offering the beautiful textiles of Ilocos right here in the metro - hallelujah! The inabel products offered from Abel PH are high quality and the styles are constantly getting better and the selection so vast. My favorite part about this small and personal company is the respect and care they have for the weavers and traditions. 



SARAP! I can't believe it took me this many years to get my pwet to Locavore. Hay naku, I actually went twice in one week to make up for lost time. I am definitely adding this spot to the Filipino restaurants for foreigners to try. It would fit in perfectly for dipping your toes into Filipino cuisine. If you're uneasy to try Filipino street food, Locavore is the place to be! 

locavore llll.jpg

gising gising + sinigang* + garlic rice


interiors are so ganda

locavore lll.jpg

(not street) street food

locavore ll.jpg

gabi chips

locavore v.jpg

it is scientifically proven that Locavore is brain power food :) haaaay inspiration seekers

Beyond Stitched|

As my obsession with textiles continues to unravel I have found that I am a lover of them all. Beyond Stitched sent over some lovely items and I am now hooked. The personalized towels and placemats would make the best pasalubong and gifts. The canvas bag was my personal favorite I have used it so frequent. All the materials are high quality yet affordable. 

Pilipino Library: Halu Halo Board Book

Pilipino Library: Halu Halo Board Book

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