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Filipina Entrepreneurs To Shine: Good Luck Humans

Filipina Entrepreneurs To Shine: Good Luck Humans

I am currently in the US on ‘holiday’ for the month of July. Our kids are currently growing up between two worlds and we visit their other home country every summer to familiarize them with America and American culture. You absolutely cannot dodge the consumerism of America and shopping at Target was one of my greatest highlights the first few years we lived abroad. Manila has really done a number on me because shopping in America has lost its thrill for me. All of this is a long way to say, American Pasalubong has lost its heart. 


this perfect inabel clutch fits perfectly around the wrist. i’m a sucker.

Life in Manila has taught me about small artisans, creative entrepreneurs and the radiant heart of the Filipino. Manila allows the consumer (always me-ha!) to meet the maker first hand, this is a gift and something that has transformed the way I shop. Today I want to share one of those  small influential companies with big heart, Good Luck Humans

Good Luck Humans was started by someone I am fortunate enough to call a friend, Apol Lejano-Massebieau. I actually first met Apol way back in 2013 when she had just moved from France to Manila and had a small shop in Makati where she sold her beautiful hand sewn creations. Fast forward to 2019 and she has a full blown social enterprise uplifting women around her while she elevates the creative market of the Philippines. 

Good Luck Humans is deeply devoted to rising women together while also displaying the enguiniety and extreme creativity of the Filipino. From reusing local weaves to creating her own clothing and home pieces, Good Luck Humans puts the best of humanity on display. I am happy and proud to wear these lucky proudly Filipino pieces. 


“Inside this bag is a Lucky Necklace.

A lucky charm, the Lucky Necklace is made of many Lucky Buttons, pouches of hope sewn by a happy group of humans formerly unskilled and unemployed, now proudly working. Meditate on the hours it took to sew the tiny buttons one by one. Perseverance wins.The fabric is scrap saved from landfills. Good for the planet, good for you. Don’t forget that small things matter. The flowers on the buttons are there to remind you that hope blooms eternal."

A few of my favorite things…

llama llama

hi sophie! this new sweet friend will forever greet me at my window. i love you!

good luck.png

winged creature no. 17 you are a magical treasure!


I am so inspired and grateful for the incredible Filipina entrepreneurs who make opportunities happen and create their dreams. It gives me permission to ask myself, ‘why not?’ and so I ask you, why not?

Kita Kita,


Want more? See the whole Good Luck Humans collection this weekend happening at MaArte Fair August 16-18 at Peninsula Makati.

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