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Philippine School Of Interior Design Final Exhibit: Juxtapose

Philippine School Of Interior Design Final Exhibit: Juxtapose

I love living in a big city like Manila. We are surrounded with a plethora of museums, unique cultural experiences and a number of universities, one of these being the prestigious Philippine School of Interior Design. Philippine School of Interior Design has an annual exhibit to showcase their talented students and their works. The students receive only two months to prepare for the exhibit but use their highly trained skills to create masterpieces. If you are a lover of interiors, architecture or designer the PSID exhibit, Juxtapose, is the place for you.

Fun fact: I am a student at PSID as of last August! I didn’t even know a year end exhibit was part of the program and actually received the invite to Juxtapose as a media guest. As a new student I was shocked then intimidated then confident in what I will someday be able to achieve. I am already saving my money to prepare for my future exhibit! This exhibit truly features the finest of Interior Designers and their immaculate designs.


Juxtapose: Espasyo at Panahon by PSID’s Advanced Class of 2018 features 17 booths that used historic buildings for their inspiration. “The aim is to showcase how design can breathe new life into historical spaces and go beyond a structure’s function, thereby challenging the audience to see these historical structures in a new light,” PSID students share.

Booth 1|

Bomb shelter turned speak easy with the perfect touch of retro-modern. I particularly loved the staircase design.


Booth 3|

Tiny spaces executed perfectly. This small space includes the whole living experience of bathroom, kitchen and living and sleeping area.


Booth 4|

A Filipino haven spa with perfect lighting.


Booth 6|

Uniquely Filipino spa featuring acacia wood, bamboo ceiling and locally designed lighting fixtures. They also added a nice amount of nature to the setting.

six .jpg

Booth 7|

A play on the financial district building, this station used centavos to DIY a map of the Philippines.

seven .jpg

Booth 8|

This is a re-design of the original PSID structure located on Pasong Tamo.


Booth 9|

The detail of the real life scene out the window made this station unique and fee less staged.


Booth 10|

COLOR! They win for using color!


Booth 11&13|

A kitchen for cooking classes - hello Manila, please do this in real life! Gym design is all the rage these days so it was fitting to see it as a category.


Booth 14|

A shared sleek living arrangement, very creative and detail oriented.


Booth 15|

Steam Punk execution perfection! This booth demands everyones attention with the drama of it all.

fifteen .jpg

Booth 16&17|

The arch lighting in station 16 was remarkable! Truly a beautiful space followed after with the bell of the ball, a very swanky gentlemens barber. This two booths could really take your breath away.


what would an exhibit in Manila be without a photo-op?

Juxtapose Exhibit is free of charge, runs from 10 a.m.  to 8 p.m. daily until October 31. Located at Rockwell Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan City.

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