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Filipina Entrepreneur: Bibsy Torio of Bibsisita

Filipina Entrepreneur: Bibsy Torio of Bibsisita

It’s been a while since I have shared a Filipina Entrepreneur and I am so happy to be back at it again. You can read previous posts here.

YOU GUYS! The capital letters are necessary so you feel my love and excitement for today’s feature, Bibsy Torio of Bibsisita.

There are specific times in my life when I remember feeling, seeing or smelling something for the very first time. I clearly remember the inescapable heat of Manila as I stepped off the airplane for the first time. The smell of city life in San Francisco and Manila both have placeholders in my mind. The first time I saw Bibsy’s work my heart fluttered with excitement as the color danced before my eyes. I LOVED what I saw. The bright colors, the mother figure and of course the uniquely Filipino characteristics.

Each Piece Tells A Bright Story|

pillow talk v.jpg

a story motherhood, family and culture

pillow talk ll.jpg

Sari Sari pillow adds the perfect color and touch of Filipiñana for our happy home.


my view every morning and night

Life is a colorful wonder for Bibsy Torio|

Bibsy is a digital artist who uses color to invite others into her cheery world. She tells stories using texture and imagery on a various number of canvases. In my own home I have a tote, pillow and framed art. They make me so happy! I love them so much they were included in my PerksOfPinas Workshop giveaway because when you love something this much you want to share it with the world.

pillow talk lll.jpg

HELD. The story of a mom and two boys. Or in my case, three.

texture talk .jpg

please notice the soft fiber texture of the pillow

bag talk.jpg

No canvas left behind. Bibsy sees everything as a canvas to share her bright story.

A special thanks to Bibsy for sharing her colorful perspective with the world. I am grateful to live in Manila where I am exposed to such incredible artists and learn their stories. Whatever interests you have, you can find them here. Allow yourself to be exposed to the culture here, lean in, you’ll find it.

Kita Kita,





GREENBELT 5, Level 3, Ayala Center, Legaspi Street, Makati City (Near UCC Vienna Cafe)

ALABANG TOWN CENTER, Upper Ground Floor, Zapote-Drive Entrance (Near PLANET SPORTS), Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Workshop Time: At Home In Manila, At Home With Yourself

Workshop Time: At Home In Manila, At Home With Yourself

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Philippine School Of Interior Design Final Exhibit: Juxtapose