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 A New School On The Block, Macquarie Preparatory

A New School On The Block, Macquarie Preparatory


You guys, Manila really is a remarkable city and I love her so dearly. The other day I was walking down the C5 as my hair whipped in my face from motorcycles stirring wind up as they rapidly zipped by and I felt infinitely small and it was exuberating. You know why? Because our city is huge and has so much to explore. I could explore every barangay for five years and not even scratch the surface, Manila is deep and you will almost always find what you’re looking for. 


On todays ‘Manila Is Awesome’ post I want to spotlight a new school that popped up in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manila, Macquarie Preparatory School located in Scout Gandia Near Tomas Morato, which is the newest Montessori school on the block. This school is pretty much worth relocating for. After this post I want you to rate on a scale of 1-10 how likely you are to move to New Manila? (jk, but please feel free to leave a comment and let me know.)


toddler classroom


Montessori literacy area


Montessori Math


Open classrooms with bright light


As with most incredible business in the Philippines a determined and inspired Filipina got to work and created a dream. Kristine Tagle was an expat like myself for over 10 years living in Australia. She was a teacher in the public school system but became enamored with the Montessori approach of education. Upon her families arrival back to Manila in 2015 she enrolled in Montessori Studies at Montessori Teacher Preparation of the US in the University of the Philippines for additional post graduate studies, Kristine had already complete her Masters of Primary Education while in Sydney years earlier. Being a trained educator and mother, Kristine noticed challenges to find a school that offers a student centered approach of learning, open area for children to play and certified teachers so decided to create one herself. Since she has also recently given birth and finding house help was difficult she included the toddler learning area as part of Macquarie Prep so her youngest could also come to school and work with her.


Let’s Look Around


Kristine has sourced or created appropriate Montessori materials. I cannot imagine the time invested in this new center.


prepared areas for real life daily work


a comfy for corner fit for a child

Montessori everywhere! 


literacy practices with practical items corresponding to sound


real world comprehension and application


Kristine had these ‘soft kits’ made and even produced the materials inside as well. The fabric color/pattern determine what the topic of the soft kit is. Incredible, di ba?

Montessori is used very freely in the Philippines but Macquarie Prep stays true to the core principles of the holistic education approach: practical life skills. Kristine is as resourceful as they come and found a supplier for her materials, had them made or used creativity to fit the need. All of the teachers at Macquarie Prep are trained in the Montessori method as well, Kristine makes sure she hires thorough and thoughtful teachers.


Teachers keep daily notes of children’s development


Prepared Environments


practical skills to invite the child into their world


the height of toilets and sinks are child level to promote independence


motor skills + real life work


self directed prepared environments- I got so many ideas for myself!


The tiny toilets are to die for! 

I am constantly in awe and amazed at the ingenuity of the Filipina. Macquarie Prep is another ensign of the extreme dedication and determination of Pinays. Macquarie Prep is up and running and open for business, feel free to stop by for a visit or contact Kristine to buy your Montessori materials. You can read more about Macquarie Prep on their website found here.

Kita Kita Titas,


Macquarie Preparatory School

(632) 618-5562

(63) 917-599-7468
44 Sct. Gandia St., Brgy. Laging Handa (6.01 mi)
Quezon City, Philippines 1008

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