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Beat The Mainit Part l

Beat The Mainit Part l

The heat is on, on the street! Inside your head, on every beat! Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho!

Now do you have that song stuck in your head? Me too. But seriously, sobra mainit these days and I am pulling out all the tricks to endure this heat. Here are few highlights that have helped me survive the summer heat wave. 

Oli's Boxship|

Oli's Boxship is something we all look forward to every month. It's a subscription box that shows up at your house every month full of experiments, crafts, games and books to help get your young ones and you creating together! I love it. At this point in motherhood I am tired a lot of the time and it has been monumental to have these simple and exciting activities to look forward to. Pro tip: don't do the activities all at once. Take your time and space them out over a week so you can be 'playful mom' over and over again. For a 10% discount code enter 'playfulmum10' at the check out. :) 

olis box lv.jpg

Making a hypothesis about how the plants will grow

olis box lll.jpg

Getting our planter and seeds ready

olis box vl.jpg

Time for the planting!

olis box v.jpg

It is so nice to open a kit and get to work with the kids and not have to do any of the preparation!

Night Biking At Ortigas Jr Road|

For those of you seeking refuge in aircon all day and then are stir crazy by night, I give you the free activity of biking on Ortigas Jr. Road. The city closes down the street to vehicle access starting Friday night - Sunday night and it is open 24 hours. Fancy a jog in the middle of the night? Here's an option for you. You can bring your own bikes or rent from a vendor there for around 100php I believe. Do be careful though as some motorcyclist still continue to drive through. One zipped by my son at an obnoxious rate and gave us all a good scare. 

oritgas 3.jpg

Biker Gang!

ortigas 1.jpg

Bikes are available for the small tykes as well

ortigas 4.jpg

Everyone gets a turn!

Beat The Heat At HEAT Shangri La EDSA|

HEAT at Shangri La EDSA is the place to be on a Sunday! Starting this May, HEAT introduced the Sunday Side. When you dine at HEAT buffet on Sunday brunch you gain access to the play room for kids and water amenities! That includes the fun slide! HEAT has recently introduced their new Pinoy favorites menu. I was especially partial to the ube paratha, don't miss it! And for the kids, giant ice cream cones! In comparison to other hotel buffets in the metro this is a great deal (2,400 php) with the child play area and pool amenities. My kids played while my husband and I enjoyed dining! 


Ube paratha with chili dipping sauce


Wells and his new love, Inah, I mean chocolate ice cream


The excellent playroom where kids can hang while parents indulge


Behold, the majestic aqua park


During a recent Makati Staycation, Holiday Inn treated our family to Kidzania! We had never been because I am too frugal (ticket prices are 900-1100php) and only the eldest could do the activities on his own, so this really was a treat for us. I had no idea how nice Kidzania really was until our visit. The idea of Kidzania is essentially a world where kids rule! They can have real life experiences, such as criminal detectives or fireman, and earn Kidzo to buy real life products from the department store. Kidzania is a whole day experience so make sure you get there when it first opens and stay until closing. 


Criminal investigators doing serious work


Using real hoses!


Hard earned kidzos

Craft Day At Papemelroti|

I cannot wait until my kids are out of school so I can take them for a craft day at Papemelroti's flagship store on Don Roces in Quezon City. The top floor of the building is a dedicated work space for individuals and workshops. You can bring your own supplies, purchase from the assortment of craft kits available or spend 40php to use the basic craft supplies offered, this includes pen glue and paints. 


The corner store awaits to fulfill all your creative needs!

details ii.jpg

In the workshop area you will find craft kits already prepared for you


Tables and supplies a plenty

McDonald's Kiddie Crew|

We had a small taste of what it's like to be an employee at McDonald's during our McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop last month. I don't think there is a more affordable program than the five day McDonald's Kiddie Crew. For only 695php you get a three hour workshop for five days. The registration fee also includes workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat, scrapbook, and daily meals! There is also a weekend option for 595php. 


"Who farted?"


All the gear is inclusive of the 695php registration fee. The official uniforms filled my children with pride.


I was amazed at how hands on and real life the experiences were. My kids all helped take orders from real customers! It was such a pleasure to see kind Filipinos patiently engage with the young kids. Perks of the Pinas, guys! 

Today it honestly felt like an arm pit outside, if you feel the same, use something of these fun activities to beat the mainit! 

Kita kita titas!


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